Tuesday, September 11, 2012

She's sooooo tiny...

Andy and I had the extreme honor of meeting Miss Olivia Crum for the first time.  I wasn't going to ask to hold her, because I'm not sure I want people holding our son from the get go...but she offered and of COURSE I said yes :)  And of course my son kicked her. 

So I handed her to Andy, where she promptly cuddled into his chest, gave a little sigh, and fell back to sleep.  He just held her little butt and cupped her little head so it wasn't floppy, and I think the both of them could have just taken up residency on the sofa.  He was SO content with her there.  He was playing with her ears, beeping her nose, touching her fingers...like the Gentle Giant I know he is.  My heart was swelling with pride.

I'm learning that the secret to a happy marriage is glorifying your husband in public.  Building him up around strangers and friends.  Not superficially, of course, but with humility and grace.  I love telling others about all the nice things he's done for me.

Oh, for instance.  There was no water on Sunday morning and we had to sing in church.  And by no water, I mean that we hadn't filled out the pitcher to filter it through.  So...plenty of water, none of it potable.  And he said, "You can have the rest of the water, I'll find something else."  Really?  What a guy.  What a sacrifice.  Love him.  My cup is overflowing.  :)

Today equals 36 weeks.  He's completely viable from here on out.  He's fully formed, just getting fatter and more developed.  Fingernails and hair and finishing touches on his little skin and his liver and lungs.  The wait to see him is getting harder, because he's never let us see his face.  So we have no idea who or what he looks like.  While all of my friends were looking at smushed noses and tiny toes, we were looking at arms and elbows.  Oh, and his penis.  Which he promptly displayed every time we came to see him.

Thursday is our next appointment.  I was having contractions yesterday- but they were on average 20 minutes apart, so no harm done.  The doctor's office measures our weeks on Fridays, so we're a little ahead.  I go by my period, they go by the size of the baby.  Both are right.  He'll come when he wants to :)  I love him :)

It was cold enough this morning to justify a light jacket.  I'm not sure, but I think I remember this fitting me last year...