Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh What a Night

The thing about pregnancy, is that you get REALLY in tune with your body and your bodily functions.  You're keenly aware of the last time you threw up, the last time you pooped (and the consistency) what color your pee is (and you lose track on that frequency, although it's a lot) how much mucus you're producing on any given day, and how exactly all that differs from when you were NOT pregnant, just 12 short weeks ago.

And gas.

Your life is much gassier.

Which is why I was awake 4+ times last night, thinking I was having contractions and really it was just miserable gas.  I tried stretching, I tried walking it off, I went to the bathroom.  Every time I thought it had passed and I finally went back to sleep...there it was again!  (And this doesn't count my regular pee wake up call).  So today I'm dragging myself through life.

The Handsome Husband even woke up long enough to say, "What's wrong, Whoot?" But he has no recollection of it this morning.  Oh well, thought that counts!

PS:  May 25th!!!!!  Boy George or Girl George?  Oh how I want to share our beautiful names!!!!!!!!!!  Chinese calendar says its a girl...but we'll see.