Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day #1

So it turns out you're allowed to celebrate Mother's Day even if the baby is in your stomach!  Apparently there are many "mother-to-be" Mother's Day cards, and I received a few!  Andy gave me the most precious one- it read about how amazed he was at me, and what a great mom I'm going to be.  And then handwritten- "I'm so excited to be a dad!"  My heart just melted at the thought and the sentiment behind it all.  He also gave me the Pandora baby carriage charm!  I loved it :)

Dad and I planted all day on Saturday, and he told me THAT was my Mother's Day gift.  But it was worth it because now the flowerbeds look amazing! 

Today is 19 weeks.  My family came over, had literally seen me about 4 hours earlier, and proclaimed, "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!"  I wasn't wearing maternity clothing, so I guess I WAS a little more bulbous than normal.  Plus I get exceedingly more pregnant at night.

I don't take anything for granted any more.  Not a kick, not a stretch, not one flake of skin from my poor belly.  It all matters and it's all important to me.  Last night at violin lessons, SB was having a fabulous time flitting and floating and kicking it's momma!  It LOVES music!  I guess the violins are at the right timbre that it cuts through the fluid!

When I showed this pic to Andy, I said, "No wonder it kicks me so much.  It's squished!"

Next Friday we know son or daughter...deep breaths.