Friday, February 22, 2013

Back in the habit...

I promised myself that after I packed up my maternity clothing, save a few nursing shirts, that I would NOT under any circumstances go back and get any of them out to wear until I was pregnant again.

No matter HOW comfy those maternity undies were- they're staying clean and in the box.  No matter how great the fabric was on those navy capris Andy bought me in my last month, even though I only got to wear them for mere WEEKS before packing them up- they're staying clean and in the box.  Those skinny jeans I bought that fit so nicely in my brown leather slouch boots- they're staying clean and in the box EVEN THOUGH I've never found a pair that fit me better.

Now, it took me two totes to stash all my maternity clothing.  I bought one tote with good intentions.  SURELY I didn't accumulate THAT much clothing in 39 weeks time!  But yes-yes I did.  What can I say?  I'm a savvy shopper.  I accumulated a great deal from consignment shops and of course Kohls.  I had two of every bottom- capris, shorts, skirts, dress pants.  And lots and lots of tops, because who am I kidding?  I was a slob when I was pregnant.  And I only started REALLY wearing maternity tops at about 6 months.

Which brings me to my current revelation: if you wore an article of clothing while you were pregnant, and it doesn't say "maternity" on the tag, it's still fair game postpartum.

Like me today:

Hmmm...the bottom picture was just this morning...and it still does make me look a little pregnant...but we all know better.  The bottom line is that it's comfy.  And I like the colors.  And.  That's it. 
It's not like I got rid of shoes I bought and wore when I was pregnant.  Oh contraire.  Those ultra comfy slip flops and grungy old crocs will be donning my feet for summers to come- okay maybe one more summer at least.  Goodness knows they're all I wore and they're looking a little shabby.
So just so we're clear- if you bought it to wear while pregnant, but it doesn't have a maternity tag in it, you're free to wear it while you're not pregnant.  Says me.
Okay, back to what you were doing.