Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's a son!

Friday morning was incredible.  Dad was cracking jokes, April and Andy were playing "Draw Something" with each other on their iPhones, mom was nervously hugging her pocketbook, commenting on Montgomery Gentry singing on the morning show broadcast on the TV on the wall.  (How DOES he stand those leather pants when it's so hot out?)  All these normalises made me feel so much at ease!

We get into the room, and I lay on the table, Andy by my side.  Did he look WAY more handsome than normal?  Probably.  The nice thing about that office is, they warm the goop they put on your stomach.  Sometimes it's the little things...  Okay, so the tech starts the procedure and then takes the wand away from my belly.  "Did you want to know the gender today?"  We all nod in agreement.  She put the wand back on, and there he is!  HE!  We scream, "IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  All five of us, just scream it!!! 

Turns out, SB is in a catcher's position in my belly.  He's facing front, feet down, knees up.  So his little thingy was out in the open for everyone to see and go on about at great lengths.  Which we did.  When I posted on FB that it was a boy, many people were like, "Oh, they could be wrong!"  I'm like...no, no they're not.  His face is in my placenta, which is at the top of my stomach/belly button area, so the 3D didn't work so well because of that.

The only thing they're a little concerned about is his spine.  Because of his position, they couldn't see it very well.  She listed it as subnormal spine..."no son of mine is subnormal!" I wanted to shout!  He's perfect and amazing and he's hung like a horse!  But instead I'm like, "What does that mean?"  She explained that nothing was the matter, they just needed a better look.  So in three weeks I go back.

And then she added that I needed to also come back in ten weeks because of my "elevated BMI".  AGAIN, I wanted to shout, "You fool!  I lost 45 lbs last year in hopes of conceiving this baby!  I am the picture of health!"  But instead I said, "Okay, 10 weeks is fine."  I mean hey, I get two more looks at our son.  Maybe he'll move and I will be able to get a 3D version of his face!

But one of the best things ever is hearing the Handsome Man tell his mom she's going to have a grandson.  Having my dad hug me so tight I couldn't breathe.  Watching my sister dance around in the hallway...because we only have one boy in the family.  Jackson is it- and now SBB (Someday Baby BOY).  So maybe they'll grow up to be best friends?  Maybe many things.