Friday, September 14, 2012

The truth is...

I'm miserable.

Everything hurts.

His kicks are so hard I feel like he's going to break a rib.

I'm so short that he has dropped into my pelvis, but is also squarely planted on my respiratory system.

I pee so frequently it hurts to wipe.

I take two to three doses of Colace every day, just so it doesn't hurt to go #2.

I can't stand up without pain.  I can't sit down without pain.

Discharge?  Let's not even go there.  Change of undies every day.


The thought of holding this little miracle in my hands and kissing his forehead and toes and snuffling his little neck...

Yeah, it makes it worse.

Because I'm anxious!  And Andy's anxious!  And they say the last few weeks are the quickest!  However, I'm positive that "they" are people who have gone through it and are looking back.  Maybe it's because you never know how long those last few weeks are going to last.  Full term?  Short term?  Past term?

In the meantime it's our anniversary today :)  Look what showed up for me:

Oh, I've got it GOOD ;)