Tuesday, April 24, 2012

16 weeks? What happened to 15??

Look at that?!  Here we are at 16 weeks!  I'm feeling stronger, and I'm feeling more energy...maybe.  I don't know.  Compared to what?  How can you NOT feel more energy when you're eating finally and not throwing up as a hobby?

Last night I was on my feet ironing for two hours and I was really crampy in the legs, but I went to bed, and then I was fine.  Going to bed really does solve most things in pregnancy, I am learning.

My belly is pushing on out!  Depending on what I wear, it looks bigger or smaller than it actually is.  Sometimes I wonder what people at the gym think!  Because I'm lifting and I'm walking and climbing.  I know on the trail when we're hiking, people look at me like...???  I should have a shirt- "Not Fat.  Just Pregnant."  Kickboxing on Thursday night should be fun.  We'll see how long I go before I fall over :)

The other night we heard an organ concert at Hershey Theatre...I'm pretty sure the baby could feel it.  Also, I've been playing my guitar, which sits right over the baby.  So it's going to be a musician...but what else could it be?

Oh, and today Lauren found out she's having a girl :)  How lovely :)