Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love my belly :)

So my EXTREMELY handsome husband, is INCREDIBLY into this pregnancy, and I LOVE it!  He gets these little ambushes and he'll just kiss and hug my stomach and talk to the baby.  I really feel like the baby can hear the vibration, and hear my giggles and my heart beating faster, and it knows it's daddy is near.

I look forward to Saturday mornings where we can just be together, because these are the most precious times to me.  I know I could be doing a million other things- cleaning, organizing, whatever- but in my heart, I know I should just lay there until Andy wakes up.  So I do.  I know these mornings are a precious commodity, one that will be gone once there are midnight feedings and a little toddler excited to get up and play with mommy and daddy.  And I think I'm going to love those mornings too!  Just not like I love the ones that we're sharing now.  What a precious, precious gift.

They tell me I'm "nesting."  I was sure that came later in the pregnancy, but I guess it can rear its ugly head at any point!  I just want everything clean.  Right now.  My sister helped me to clean out my cupboards and rearrange everything, which I don't know why that matters to the baby (but it does!).  In my heart, I really want to get that crib set up and the rocking chair in its place, and the little swing in the corner...the walls painted, etc.


We're going to have visitors up until the point where the baby is actually born.  And they're going to need a place to sleep.