Tuesday, May 1, 2012

17 weeks...17 weeks...

Turning 17 weeks is a lot like turning 17 years old.  It's not like 16 where you get to drive, but it's not 18 where you're an "adult" (or in my case, starting my fifth month.)  But I'm thankful for every day- every week- every month.

My hormones have been just absolutely insane.  Yesterday I had a headache to beat the band.  I threw up a little, which lead me to believe it was in face a migraine.  And NOTHING suited me.  My Handsome, AMAZING, Husband made me supper, of which I ate half and then promptly brought it up again.  I forced myself to iron, and then laid back down again.  Just blinking back tears all day...

I need to sleep.  I really need to sleep through the night.  I bought new makeup and the lady suggested I purchase under-eye concealer.  Nice.

Today I'm a crying fool.  I'm thankful I work pretty much by myself because I can go through my breakdown stages quietly and behind closed doors, mostly.  What sets me off?  Um, nothing short of everything.  My husband talking to the baby.  My husband mentioning being a daddy.  The thought of losing my husband (in some violent way my brain concocts for no reason whatsoever).  Commercials.  TV shows.  News reports.  Taking showers...nobody can hear to cry in the shower!  It's like my safe haven...  and mind you, I'm not SAD.  I'm just...hormonal.
17 weeks

So at 17 weeks, I have a really active SB!  I feel it mostly every day around the same time, and then again at night (if I'm awake).  It flutters and pops me every now and again.  It normally moves on the right side, but I felt it on the left last night briefly.  Maybe a foot?  Who knows!

Also the countdown begins today, on the first day of May, for May 25th---when we'll find out if "it's" a son or a daughter.  OUR son or daughter :)