Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Livin' on Love

This is Brynn.  Brynn sleeps with her mouth open (but not in this picture).  Brynn has stolen my heart.  Jackson and Emerson are on their way (each respectively to different mommies).  What a blessing to share so many pregnancies with so many ladies- girls I've grown up with, who I'm now going to stand beside as we watch our kiddos grow up together.
When I was sitting with Brynn's mommy, she asked if I wanted to hold the baby (um, duh?) and she started to pick her up to give her to me and then was like, "Oh, I guess you already know how to do this..."  and I was like, oh, I guess I do.  Because it's funny, but you're so busy LIVING, you don't realize that you're also LEARNING.  You're acquiring knowledge and more importantly, you're becoming WISE. 
You're learning when to call the doctor and when to "keep an eye on it."
You're learning what each cry and whimper means.
You learn what's important and what can wait.
When I put Brynn down, her bunting had come undone (okay, maybe I went and peeked at her feet.  But it's only natural...)  I swaddled her back up without even thinking about it.  I was like one of the nurses at the hospital- wham, bam, thank you ma'am.  Swaddled.  And then I was increasingly thankful that my son is almost one, and for a moment I wondered if we'd have another one, and then I left.  It was a wonderful experience.
And then THIS guy!!!!  Look at him getting a hair cut.  He say really still, and then asked for more when she was done!  What a Little Love.  He didn't want to take off the drape either- he toddled around in it for a bit until I took it off of him (for fear he'd gag himself!)

It was our fourth anniversary on September 12th.  My handsome husband has been working on this massive project and we have had little to no time to do anything for ourselves.  Our priorities are Liam, Work, and then Ourselves.  It shouldn't be this way- but guess what?  It is.  I told Andy- I will be here when you get back.  I'm not going anywhere and I'm not neglected.  You've been given an opportunity and you need to take it.  I'll see you when it's over.
So we decided to go out to eat on the 12th, but there was one problem: There was only 42 cents in our checking account.  A card from Andy's parents had come in with $25, so there was our budget!  Andy took this personally.  "Some day we'll be lounging in the Carribbean on our anniversary..." he dreamed aloud.
In reality, we went to a little local chain called "Twin Kiss."  They're well known because they used to be drive-ins; waiters on roller skates, big finned cars with large white walled tires, girls in poodle skirts, men with their shirts tucked in and their hair greased back.  Today, you go in and sit down, you always order a root beer, and you always order the same thing.  Liam was excited because he got a hot dog.  I was excited because I got my husband's pure, unadulterated attention for more than 5 minutes.  Who needs the Carribbean when you've got a handsome husband and a beautiful son?
Would it be nice?  Probably?  But for now, I'll take livin' on love ANY DAY over feeling entitled to extravagant trips and a lavish lifestyle.  Maybe next year, after all we've been through this year, we'll renew our vows for year number five.  But for now...I'll take french fries and burgers and living within our means.