Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well, now THAT'S over with

Since the doctor's appointment is over- and my hands have stopped shaking- and my stomach has calmed down quite a bit...I can finally say (with a quivering voice) that we're doing this.  We're ACTUALLY doing this.

And yet the biggest thing that stuck out to me during the visit is that Dr. Mantione sat on the foot stool of the examination table while we sat on chairs, and it made him look funny.  What a dumb thing to remember.

He used the time frame of 3-6 months.  IF my ovulation gets back on track after 14 YEARS of being on the pill.  If we're not "successful" by March, I go on Clomid.  Just like that.

You know, when you're little, and it's your turn to play "the mom" during a game of "house", you put the baby under your shirt and prance around until the others in the household feel it's time to give birth and then you just pull it out and- TADA!  Baby!  Growing up I was always the mom in these games.  Probably because I was the biggest- or because I was the oldest- or because I was the first to run to someone when they got hurt- (except for the one time I bit Jenna Blain through her shoe because she laughed at me when I fell...but that was in self defense, I swear!)

As an aside, I never heard my husband giggle like he did today!  Oh man he is SO nervous!!  And it was oddly attractive and scary all at once.  What if he can't support me like I need to be supported?  What if I'm too cranky or moany or bitchy and he just can't take it any more?  He's a good man, but even good men have their limit.  But today EVERYTHING was funny to him- and it wasn't a hearty man-laugh, it was a girly giggle.  It is good to know he is as scared as I am.

So that's it.  Let nature be nature and do what nature was created to do, which is to reproduce and make more nature.  Or as the doctor said- Don't over complicate it.  Just have lots of sex.