Monday, July 22, 2013

Nursery Floor

You would think that when your child comes home like this ^^ that it would be a SHOE IN for a full night's sleep.  Turns out, this is untrue.

Yesterday was Liam's baby dedication as seen above.  (I'll have better pics later.)  But it was HOT.  You like how we all coordinate?  I feel like I'm slouching...  Anyway.  We had about 50 people there, and it was amazing!  The ceremony was short and sweet.  We sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children" at the end and Liam made the sign for "more" after we were done singing.  More singing, please!  The cake was yummy and the decorations were noted.  I love when people say, "Everything looks beautiful!"  Because if you know me, you know how much thought I put into everything I do.  If you can see by the pic above, Andy and Liam had coordinating shirts on (same colors, different plaids) and I had on a dress with jewelry to match their outfits.  Which of course matched the cake, and the balloons, and the plaid napkins...  Obsessed much?  No, never.
I swear my son's feet never touched the ground all day.  With both sets of his grandparents around and 50 of his closest family and friends, the boy was well loved.  Which translated into a very clingy boy for the rest of the day, and the rest of the weekend.  The child refused to be put down.
Of course his sleep schedule is completely messed up, since his grandparents are down. MIL always told me how they would even leave parties to make sure the boys had their naps and got in bed on time.  This apparently does not count for my child.  Every once and a while, Andy and I would stop chatting and look for our son.  Sure enough, my MIL would have him off somewhere else in the park.  Poor kid didn't even get to enjoy his own party.
So that's why I'm asleep on the nursery floor.  I use the word "asleep" VERY lightly.  I'm stretched out on my college bed comforter with the boppee nursing pillow under my head.  Liam has somehow burrowed his way into the comforter and he is snoring soundly.  I'm sure I'm going to pay for this tomorrow.  But it's amazing what you'll do to get your child to sleep through the night.