Friday, August 24, 2012

The chair has the floor...

Well this past week has been a trip.  BIL was here.  And you know how when someone says, "I'm coming to visit you" and you reply, "This week REALLY isn't good" and then they come anyway?  Yeah, it's been one of those weeks.  He's 24.  Always keep that in mind.

He arrived, toting enough clothing to last him a month (and he was only staying a few days...) and he also had a huge box, which turned out to be containing our high chair...which was very nice of him.  And then it began:

"Can I put together the high chair?"


"What if you mom helps me?"


"Why not?"

Because there's no place to put it right now, and he can't use it until he sits up anyway.  Besides, we don't want to cats all over it, and we'd like to keep it nice for another few months.  When he's ready to use it, we'll have you help us set it up.

"But me helping to set it up was part of the gift."

And we're so thankful!  But right now, we're not going to set it up.
So on Tuesday night, my dad took us ALL out to Mount Gretna to The Timbers to see the show and eat dinner for my mom's birthday.  I knew it was a large expense for my father to do this for six people.  I ate like a HORSE.  I think I forgot to breathe in between bites, but they had fruit salad with MANGO in it!  MANGO, people.  That's big.  So three bowls of that later...I have a happy tummy and a REALLY happy baby.

What did BIL do all night?  Text.  He text at the table.  He text while we were eating.  He text while he was walking up to the food line.  He text during dessert.  He text up until the point the shower started.  He text during intermission.  I was ready to throw the stupid iPhone in the toilet and flush repeatedly.  That's a special type of rude, when someone else pays for your meal AND show.

So I get home from work on Wednesday, he's there with my mom.  Because she was sitting him for us during the day- aka, paying his way into stuff to keep him occupied- and it begins again.

"Well, I really want to put the high chair together."

No, I don't really want it put together.

"Well, I asked Andy earlier and he said the same thing!"

Yeah, I'm sure we want to keep it in the box right now because we have no plae to put it and we don't want the cats on it and he won't need it for a few more months.

"But the box is taking up more room than the actual chair!"

That's not really the point.  The point is we do not want it dirty.  And Andy wants to play daddy and put things together for his son.  You can put it together next time you are down.

"But that's going to be when the baby is born!"

Yep, and he's STILL not going to need it then either.
Andy leaves for work on Wednesday and begrudgingly calls his mom to talk on the way.

"Your brother said you're not allowing him to set up the chair."

No, mom, we're not ready for it yet.

"But Andy he's excited.  Let him set up the chair."

No mom, we really don't have the room for it, and we want to keep it clean and we don't want the cats on it.


The chair is still in the box.  Where it will stay.  Until the baby is old enough to sit in it.