Tuesday, May 22, 2012

20 weeks...where has the time gone?

I think I'm forgetting something.  I think I'm forgetting to enjoy being pregnant.  I think I'm so tired and pulled in so many directions, I forget to just lay there with my hands on my belly and just enjoy the moment.  I forget to talk to him/her.  I forget that it hears my heartbeat.

Today is 20 weeks.  The ultrasound is on Friday.  I told Andy I'm more excited than Disney World!  He said he didn't think someone could GET more excited than Disney World- like, that's the top of the scale.

Confession!  I bought some pink Minnie Mouse sleep sacks for Lauren, and a little pair of Minnie Mouse black shoes...and I'm keeping them until we know if it's a boy or a girl.  Because they're so wicked cute, I can't be expected to not be in complete love with them.

Last week, Andy's shoulder's hurt.  So I rubbed him with Tylenol Precise cream.  And then Andy googled it, and evidently that's a no no for preggo people.  So he's freaking out because he's pretty sure he had single handedly destroyed our baby.  And I'm trying not to belittle his fears, but I'm not AS concerned as all this.  So I called the nurse, and she said it was fine, but probably not to do it again.  And if I needed to use it again, to wear gloves.  And then I got to imagining rubbing my Handsome Husband's manly back with latex gloves...and...ew and ouch.

I'm hoping to post a picture of myself sometime soon!