Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rolling a spare...

This is what I feel is in my uterus at the moment.

I went to my doctor's appointment on Friday and I asked her to feel around in there for where he was situated.  She says, "Hmmm, I can't find his head!"  And I say, "Well, he had one last week..."  Because see, I knew he was working on some sort of maneuver last week, and I too could not find his head.

Because it was in my PELVIS already.

He's moving on down!  Which hopefully means he's moving on OUT at some point.  But not THIS point.  He still has at least four more weeks until he can officially come.  I mean, he can come whenever he wants...but I'd like him to wait.

I'm up 16 lbs since the beginning.  His heart rate is beautiful, and my blood pressure is even and holding low.  I'm one happy momma :)

Except, it kind of feels like I've been riding a horse for many days.  My back hurts like mad.
I wanted to share these pictures.  They are our only family pictures since I've been pregnant, and I love them all :)

The I "heart" Mom shirts were an Old Navy special a few years back.  My sister and I have worn them every Mother's Day and Mom's birthday since we bought them.  I was either in high school or college at the time...it's a tradition :)

Love my fam :)