Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Situation.

When you get pregnant, everyone is up in your business.  Everyone wants to be "in the know."  And nobody is discreet about it.

So when Andy and I decided that we were going to keep the name a secret, it was a no brainer.  FINALLY.  Something was ours to know and NOBODY elses.

Until he dropped it in front of my family on Father's Day.  Yeeeaaaahhhh.  Glad it was him and not me.

So anyway.  Because the thought of my mom dad and sister knowing, and his parents not knowing just frustrated him, we made the choice to tell them.  It was a joint decision.  I wasn't angry.  I think Andy was angrier than I was that he make such a rookie mistake, but we all lived.

Wow.  This blog entry is very incriminating.

So we asked my parents to please act surprised when we told them as a group.  Which they did.  Actually, really well.

And his parents didn't really act surprised- didn't really act any which way at all!  Did they know it was all a hoax??  Were they on to our big scheme?!?!

Nah, probably not.  But.  Then it began.  Same thing as when we first announced we were pregnant: 

"Who can we tell?"
"But, but WHO can we tell?"
Um, NObody.
"But if we WERE to tell someone, who could that be?"
Wow.  Is this complicated?  Nobody means...nobody.

And then the world knew.  The MIL was telling everyone she knew.  People in the supermarket that she DIDN'T know.  People she KIND OF knew.  People she'd LIKE to know.  They all knew we were pregnant.

My mom started up, "Why is SHE allowed to tell people?"
She's not.
"But why is she telling people?"
Because she doesn't respect us enough to shut her mouth.
"Who can I tell?"
No.  Body.

So we tell them the name.  And in the same fashion, she starts again:

"Can I tell your brother?"
No, I'd like to tell him myself.

BIL comes- knows the name.  He tells us it's bad-@$$ and he likes it.
Thanks for the vote but...we wanted to tell.

And then comes the phone call.  Two of them- BIL and MIL, in perfect harmony:

To say that my husband was furious was an absolute understatement.

"BUT HE'S LIKE FAMILY!!!"  They proclaimed.

I was proud of the Handsome Man I Married.  He kept his cool.  Even when they shoved the phone in Rob's hands, stating, "FINE!  You tell him."  He didn't even break a sweat.  Ultimately Rob understood and was feeling equally as awkward.

So the moral of the story is...well, there is no moral.  Some people are not to be trusted.  Sometimes you have to guard your heart- because nobody is going to do it for you.