Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh the joy of a pumpkin muffin...

So Andy's mom sent us home with pumpkin muffins.  At my request.  Because she made pumpkin bread, and I'm pretty sure I ate an entire loaf.  So she sent home a batch of muffins, and I ate FOUR yesterday.  And a thing of whole milk.  So I took four MORE to work today, and an even BIGGER thing of whole milk.

Last night we told Nan!  She giggled and squirmed :)  It was precious!  She loves kids and she loves babies.  It's so cool to us that we get to give her another great grand child!  It's so cool to us that SB will have THREE great grand parents!  And active and healthy ones to boot!

The Handsome Husband is in much better spirits, God love him.  He's terrified, I know.  I shouldn't be so hard on him.  It's not like, "Well, the LAST time my wife had a baby..."  I just figured he'd be inbred with some pregnancy compassion gene.  But he doesn't have an overly compassionate dad, so how could he?  He needs to be cut a break just like I want to be cut a break.  (I can say this all now, since we had a good night...and a good morning.  So what if he was sleeping? ;)

I'm hoping to post videos of the reactions soon.  And for those I texted pictures of the ultra sounds, I have pictures of the reactionary texts too.  My cousin Jodi has actually been really great!  Of course she's been there three times, so she should know!  We're BONDING.  :)

This weekend we tell Katie, Michele and Tess (and I'll probably tell Alyssa as well.)  I might have to video that one as well :)