Friday, April 20, 2012

Watch out for that belly!!!!

The Handsome Husband has been really honing in on his new daddy skills, even though I'm not certain he really understands the concept of "it's like running a marathon EVERY DAY."  And how, when he comes home and sits and watches TV for a few hours, the work just doesn't magically get done.  He thinks I'm nagging.  I think he's not cutting me enough slack...this could go on for years.

But in the meantime, he's become like a force-field around my baby bump.  So incredibly protective of this little mass of flesh that surrounds SB.  Last night some hooligans were riding their bikes and scooters on our end of the street, and I saw them there and thought I'd give them their space.  But the one little one cut me off at the car.  He was like, "WOAH!"  and Andy goes, "HEY!  WATCH IT!"

When we were "safely" in the car, I was like, "Andy, why did you yell?!"  He said, "Because I didn't need him knocking into your belly!"

And it was sweet.  :)

Today is my next prenatal appointment.  My mom was originally supposed to accompany me there, and she still is, but Andy was able to switch his schedule and can now come too!  So they're both happy to hear the baby's heart beat.  I wish I could see the baby again.  Just to check on it.  See if it's sucking it's thumb.  Tell it to stop, because we certainly cannot afford braces.

Yesterday I was CERTAIN I felt SB move.  I had felt it the day before, and didn't say anything, so people couldn't tell me what I did or didn't feel.  But I was laying in my car at lunch time, and it was like a kernel of popcorn popped in my stomach, and just that quickly it was done.  I texted Jodie and Amanda, and they confirmed that yes, that was an accurate description of a little nudge.

However, the nausea and gagging has come back.  The inability to eat anything and the waning hunger has left me another pound lower on the scale.  This is a grand total of 9 lbs lost since getting pregnant.  We'll see what the doctor's scale says today, but Andy said I should mention it.  I AM working out fairly regularly, but I'm just not hungry.

I want to meet SB, and I want to know if it's a boy or a girl.  I'm NOT wishing this pregnancy away, because I realize that once SB is here, it's all down hill.  If I'm not sleeping NOW, it's not going to get BETTER.  But at least I'll have something to show for it!