Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I had a dream...

Last night I THINK I may have slept the night through.  I think.  But I did wake up well rested this morning.  I threw up my "supper" (1/2 a soft boiled potato, 1 applesauce, 1 ice pop) and then I was somewhat fine after all that.  I scrubbed my bathroom (with baking soda and vinegar) and I did some laundry, folded it and put it away, and then I was in bed at 8:30.

This morning, somewhere between the first time my alarm went off and the time I actually got up, I had the most amazing little dream about SB.  But only it was an actual baby.  And she was a girl.  And she was in love with her daddy :)  She was cooing at him and babbling to him, and my heart was so light!  And she had a Minnie Mouse stroller, and we were rolling her around this park with all these other babies, and we were just...so...happy.  If I can have a few more dreams like this, it might make the puking more bareable.

As another good point to make- today we are at 8 weeks :)  Next week is our first prenatal visit.  SB looks a little like this:

Meanwhile, I can feel my insides stretching out and moving around to make room.  SB is about the size of a jelly bean- about 1/4 of an inch long.

We're starting to make a list of who will find out first.  We decided the people to find out after the first PN visit are going to be the people we'd want to surround us if for some reason we lost the child.  That's going to include Pastor Bob and Joan, Aunt Michele and Katie, David, Tara and the children, Kristi and Keith, and Andy would like to tell Brian.  For everyone else, they can wait until week 13/14, until we know we're out of the woods.

We will leave for RI the day of our first PN appointment, and I don't mind saying that Andy is REALLY nervous to tell his family.  For whatever reason it was easier to tell my family, but there's no saying how his is going to react.  His brother once told me, "You'd better keep taking those pills, because I'm not ready to be an uncle yet, and I don't need you doing that to me."  So you can tell, we're not quite sure what to expect up there.

Anyway.  Happy 8 weeks, SB.  Please stay healthy and strong.  We love you very much :)