Monday, January 30, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night...

Thursday wasn't an especially good day for me.  I was just  You know the feeling.  We went to Joyce and Rod Hershey's house for supper, and I was eating, and the whole time thinking---this isn't going to end well for me, is it?  We played board games afterwards and I went to the extreme of unbuttoning my pants, pulling down my shirt, and kneeling on the floor in front of the table, just so my stomach would stretch out and I could get some relief!  To no avail.

2:30 AM...puke.

2:45 to Giant and get emetrol and a pregnancy test.  My darling husband opens one eye and says, "You're going now?"  It's raining pretty heavily, but it's fine.

(As an aside, I SWEAR the creepiest people work the overnight shift at Giant.  That is all.)

3:00 sleep.

4:00 sleep.

4:25 AM...ZZZzzzz.....

4:30 AM...alarm goes off.  Time for work.  Time to test.  I pee anxiously on the sticky thing and wait.  Meanwhile my brain is RUSHING but I'm trying not to let it. 

4:32 AM...not pregnant.  Negative.  It's fine!  Really!

So I leave the test out for Andy to see and get myself to work.  After about an hour, I'm driving back home again.  And then I proceeded to sleep for the entire day.

My handsome husband is not ready to admit that this month was not a win (he's not used to losing, and now it seems that the conception process is more of a "tournament" than anything.  May the best sperm win!)  HE thinks I could still be pregnant because I'm peeing more than normal.  Yes folks, he's counting how many times I spee.  What a special man to care for me that much :)  He's encouraging me to take another test. 

In closing, I'm considering this pose for our preggers pics.  Any thoughts?