Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our baby has eyelids!!!!

Baby, fetus at 9 weeks - BabyCenter
Well, here we are!  Week 9!  Thankful for 9 weeks of pregnancy.  Praying that I will be able to see the last 31 weeks :)

My belly is getting hard, and I can't bend over without having to "rearrange" my stomach and clothing.  Also, bike riding is becoming a challenge.  I might just stick to walking and climbing at the gym.

Handsome Husband, I think, is becoming a little more fearful about becoming the Handsome Father.  I realize it's different for men.  I've started reading a book about pregnancy from a man's perspective, and it's helping me be more compassionate.  Hopefully.  It's making me WANT to be more compassionate...how's that?

I haven't thrown up in days, and I'm pretty sure I want to eat everything in sight.  Except fake cheese has lost its appeal.  And now it looks yucky to me.  Which is a SUPER shame, because my mom and dad stocked up on cheese.  Pasta I can do again.  And I could eat pizza every single day of my life.

Tonight Kristi is bringing over cheese steaks, and I may just float up to the ceiling.  I can taste them now... mmm....  this is WAY better than puking.  Also, she doesn't know yet, so sweatpants and sweatshirts for me, once again :)

We're leaving for RI in a few short days.  Today I got in the memory books to give to Tom and Cathy and the baby Red Sox books to give to Dan.  So now to iron, wash, and pack, and then we'll be all set.

In other news...we meet SB in just a few days :)  I'm hoping for an ultrasound.  I'm hoping for a heartbeat.  I'm hoping to hear him say, "You're out of the scary part."  :)