Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We're closer than we've ever been!

I'm not by trade a procrastinator.

But I can put things off a little.  Like, a whole week of blogging.

But it's not my fault!

No, it is my fault.

So here I am at 30 weeks.  The biggest changes in me are my hormones are just rushing and I just feel very teary and sad many times.  More sad that normal.  Actually, so sad that my friend who is a counselor at a women's half-way house suggested I talk to my doctor.  It's not that I never laugh!  It's just harder for me to see the good in things than it was before- and I'm no pessimist.

Also, my feet are swollen.  And my back is achy.  But it's worth it when he moves around in there.  Andy will lay in bed with his hand on my belly, and the baby will just kick and kick.  Especially late at night.  It's just these incredibly close moments that I'm going to miss.  Sure it's going to be amazing when he's actually in front of us, kicking and cooing.  But there's something about just me, and Andy, and Baby, just being together.  Like Andy and I had this bond to begin with, and the baby just wiggled his way in there, and we were fine with it.

At the grocery store, Andy was weighing squash, after hearing that the baby was 3.1 lbs, and about the size of a squash.  He found one about 4 lbs, and then we held it up to my belly.  Ah, these are the moments :)

We had an ultrasound on Friday, and it was very reassuring.  He's still a "he"...which I ask every time, and they show me every time.  And he's in the 57th percentile with his size.  So over all we have a very very normal little boy.  His heart is healthy, his brain is healthy, his little kidneys are functioning well.  My placenta is at the right place, and functioning normally.  The amount of amniotic fluid is right on with the size of the baby, and the umbilical cord is doing what it's supposed to.  I'm thankful.  SO thankful.

He looks like this :

We asked him REALLY nicely to show us his face, and instead he covered it with his hands.  And his feet.  And then he hid in my hip bone.  So he's bashful.  And he doesn't like his heart beat taken!  He kept kicking the technician!  Little snot :)  She couldn't get a clear reading, so they had to try a few times.

The nursery is painted, thanks to my dad, and hopefully on Friday, we can get the crib over to our house, and the little table from when I was growing up, and get our act together.  I always get these urges to clean...while I'm at work.

This past weekend we went camping with my family, and it proved to be quite the event.  But we had a wonderful time, and it wasn't TOO bad, hovering to pee all weekend.  However, my belly was too big for the showers so...I came home a little stinky.  It felt good to wash at home without my belly touching that nasty shower curtain...

That's it for now!  We're closer than we've ever been!