Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just how pregnant do you want to be?

I get offended when people call my bump "little"...even though I know it's small.  But it's like my project down there, and I feel like it's mine, and a continuation of me.  So a "little bump" is like making fun of my baby and me!  "What?!  We're not BIG enough for you yet?  We're doing our best here!"

It's better when people say, "Boy, you are really carrying your pregnancy well!"  Now THAT'S a compliment!  That demands a response more like, "Well, thank you!  I knew we'd be good at this!"

But there are times where I'm getting dressed in the morning and I'm thinking- wait, just house pregnant should I look today?  Like last Sunday for church- I REALLY wanted to look pregnant, because probably deep down I wanted people to make a big deal over it.  That required me to fly through four outfits (skirts vs. dresses) to get JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of baby bump.  Without looking just "fat" of course.

Last night at my sister's concert I wanted to let it all hang out, but I felt like the broad side of a barn, so I wanted to tone down how awful I was feeling, but yet be presentable.  Oh, and it's no less than 450 degrees at her school, so it had to be cool too.  Again, a dress won out- in fact, it was the same one from Sunday.

A little trick is, if you wear a NON pregnancy shirt, it often enhances said bump.  Just saying.

However, I am NOT a fan of maternity pants.  I feel like a grandpa with my pants pulled up under my boobs!  They are uncomfortable, and sometimes I feel like my food isn't going down because the elastic is right at my esophagus.  I think this is mental as well, because I worked so hard to get my hiney into those size 14 jeans, and I was THERE before all this happened.  So the skinny jeans went back on the shelf, and the fat jeans were too big every where else to justify wearing.

The shirts though, I may hold on to a few of those...but that's another post.