Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeling better because I'm feeling sick...?

ANOTHER rough night last night.  As soon as I ate supper, I knew it was coming up again.  But after my little mental rush yesterday, I'm glad to be feeling the way I do.  Because it means that the baby is causing my hormones to go wacky, which means everything is normal :)

My friend Krista put it this way- you're always going to worry, no matter if the baby is in your belly or in your arms.  So draw on your faith, and look for little victories along the way.  Don't concentrate on what MAY happen, concentrate on what is happening NOW inside you.

So that's my mantra.  And I hope this baby someday knows how much I love it!  And how I choked down horse pill prenatal vitamins daily for it, and how I puked my guts out on a regular basis for it.  Now they don't make a mother's day card for THAT!  :)