Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of the rest of my...week.

So today is kind of special for two reasons. 

Reason #1- I'm starting this blog

Reason #2- My husband and I are trying to conceive this year.

So I've started this blog so I don't drive him entirely insane with all of my musings and wonderings and general nonsense that I come up with. 

It's written to nobody imparticular.  I don't intend to get famous off of it.  I don't expect Lifetime TV to come knocking on my door, asking for the exclusive rights to my pregnancy journey.

My deal is that I have PCOS, and have had it since now at 28, I've decided it's now or never.  So do I WANT a baby?  Yes.  Am I ready for a baby?  Eh, probably.  I understand the baby concept, I understand that you can't give it back and all that.  But I'm scared out of my mind.

So I will blog.  So I don't have to say to my darling husband- Is this real, or did I make this up in my mind?

No, I'm not THAT Elizabeth George.