Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Sensation

My precious Baby Bug turned 3 months on Sunday.  We had his pictures taken at The Picture People, and he was such a love about it.  The pictures turned out beautifully!  He smiled and he laughed and he was a little trooper.  I'd like to share them here, but the picture loader thingy isn't working on blogspot.  Thanks for nothing, blogspot.

Later that night we went to a family function where for the first time I felt like the grownup.  This time I was the mom.  Andy was the dad.  We came together- late- but we came.  And we left together- early- but we left together.  There's this sense of maturity that comes when for so long you were the youngest and you were looking up to all your cousins and playing with their kids on family occasions.  And now they're playing with your child and suddenly you feel important.  Like, like you've moved to the grownups table finally.  Even though you've been sitting among them all along.

I started an herb for my milk supply, and so far so good.  I do feel more full in the breast (lol, that statement made me chuckle) and Liam seems to be way happier.  He's even pooping more.  Now THERE is an accomplishment.  And because he's pooping more, he's a happier baby.  And I'm a happier mommy.  I'm getting the warranty for my stupid stupid Tommee Tippee breast pump, and getting an Ameda double breast pump.  This is an attempt to get my milk supply up again and to buy less formula.

I've mentioned before that breastfeeding means no period.  At least it does for me.  I've mentioned before that this is NOT birth control, it's just...let's call it a luxury.  Because of the diminished milk supply, I have not gone back on birth control because I fear it would reduce my supply even more and then I'd have nothing.  So we tried condoms and then I got a yeast infection.  So we resorted to the good, old fashioned pull out method.  Probably the least effective form of birth control.  It ranks up there with just TALKING to my husband's man parts, "Now, don't you get me pregnant, ya hear?"  But it's where we are at this point, and it is NERVE WRACKING.  The good thing is, it hurts less than with the condom, so I feel like we're on our way in that respect, but it's still something that worries me.  I've contemplated taking a pregnancy test every month, just to make sure.  But that's expensive.

Another one of my VERY good friends is now pregnant and due in September.  I don't mind saying that I'm living my pregnancy vicariously through her a second time- feeling all the excitement and nervousness for her.  I feel like it's my calling.

More later!