Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Honeymoon Trimester!

Baby, fetus at 13 weeks - BabyCenter
I don't know about you, but my honeymoon consisted of CONSIDERABLY less nausea than this, but I'm hoping that will wear off soon.  (Three weeks no pukey!  Huzzah!)

Second trimester means I can rest easier, but pray harder.  The baby will be able to hear me soon, and hear his/her daddy too.  Also it gets fingerprints.  Which I guess is good if it gets in any trouble, and they need to book it.  Because it doesn't have any teeth, so dental records are out of the question.

This month is the month for everyone to visit.  This Sunday is Easter, which means the big Facebook and church reveal.  Then Tom and Cathy will come for a while...and then as soon as they leave, Paul and Bri will be down for a few days.  Basically wash the sheets, and on with the show.

I've been wanting to post people's reactions to the news of SB, but it seems the computer doesn't want to upload my videos.  So I'll post some of the screen shots from the texting variety, and that will be a good memory.