Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't Fence Me In!

Liam is active.  I mean, REALLY active.  And we've realized that he throws his tantrums mostly when he cannot do things himself.  Say, if you want to put something in his mouth instead of him feeding it to himself?  Instant hunger strike.  It's like a baby sized "sit-in."  Now, lest you think my son is a super brat, we do not let him get away with such things.  I am not blind to the fact that my husband and I are both stubborn, we're both first borns, and we both have similar tempers.  It's only time before our child displays these qualities as well.

Liam in Time Out
So in an effort to give my son the freedom he so desires, while keeping my sanity in public, I purchased this adorable little monkey backpack...that is also a harness.
Don't judge me just yet.
My husband works.  A lot.  And so it's me a good amount of the time- just me.  And sometimes you're putting groceries on the belt, or loading things into the car, or trying to find the best price on something, and you need both your hands, and your son throws himself on the floor OR wriggles his way out of the stroller OR stiffens up to the point where you nearly drop him OR runs away in the blink of an eye......  You need an extra hand.
I had to fight tooth and nail to get it.  "People will look at us."  Andy proclaimed.  "Do you know how many times I'm looked at as I'm leaving my purse and my cart to go run after my child?"  I replied.  "If you don't like it, I won't use it around you."
This weekend I might actually get to use my little monkey harness- I haven't used it as of yet.  After I stated my case, my husband got crazy involved with the shopping process (perhaps to save my son from certain humiliation of the "leash").  But I can tell you, this thing is going to save us from an Amber Alert some day.  When I was younger, I had the wrist strap; one on me, one on my mom or dad.  Saved this little runner from many escapes.
"I had one!"  My friend Alyssa confided in me.  "That's how my mom kept track of me at Roots!"  (Roots is our local farmers market, for those who aren't from Lancaster County.)  In my humble opinion, Alyssa turned out JUST fine.  She's a capable adult with a real job and a husband and family.  Was it because of the leash?  Well I have been out with her in public, and she's never run off so.  Possibly.
So harness toting mothers of the world, unite!  Do what it takes, ladies.  Haters gonna hate, but at least I know where my kid is.