Thursday, October 4, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

First off, here is me :
It's actually not taken in the bathroom at work!  It's taken in my foyer at home.  Look at me in my earrings and make up.  I even think my hair is brushed!  And that adorable shirt is never going in the maternity box, because I love it so much (I own it in two colors!)  It's a nursing shirt, actually.  Don't you just love a shirt with a surprise in it?  I know I do.
Next, here is a gift from Paul and Bri:

Aren't they the tiniest things you've ever seen??  I just love them so much.
HERE is a picture of the afghan I'm trying to frantically finish for my son before he comes:
And last but not least, here's a sneak peak at the baby's room:
Ooohhh...  Ahhhhh...  The balls are from our shower, and thankfully I have a tall hubbo because he just reached up and stuck them to the ceiling.  The end.  That's before the Great Back Injury of 2012.
So I'm counting down the days to my next appointment.  Maybe I'll make it...maybe I won't.  I'm sure he'll measure me and do all sorts of fancy stuff.  But one of the things the midwife asked me if I wanted to do on Friday is to strip my membranes.  Which, I have mixed feelings on.
Essentially stripping your membranes is when they go all "roto-rooter" up in your lady parts to separate your cervix from the amniotic sack.  Doesn't that sound miserable?  It's safe, I'm told.  But.  Then again so is sex and nipple stim, which you can do at home and is more natural and just...more pleasant all around.  So I'm strongly feeling the urge NOT to do it.
Andy was wondering how long I'm going to wait to have it done.  He said if it's safe, why not do it?  I told him because it was unnatural, and maybe he doesn't want to be born yet.  "Will you wait until 40, 42 weeks to have it done??  When will you have it done?"  Not that he was pressuring me!  But he had a point.
But I just don't think it's for me right now.  I have to trust that my "textbook pregnancy" as they refer to it at the doctors office, will have a text book ending.  As I understand it, the baby sends a message via hormone to the placenta (as the placenta is aging) and says, "I'm READY!!!"  And that starts contractions.  I'm waiting for THAT moment.  Not the roto-rooter moment.