Tuesday, October 2, 2012

39 weeks...but who's counting?

Apparently everyone.

I'm getting Facebook messages and texts from students, "Maybe we won't have lessons this week!!"

My MIL even text me (this is HUGE, people) and wondered how I was.  I swear her cell phone is a rotary.  I had ten texts to her before she wrote one back to me.  It was a trip.

I did end up cancelling lessons last night, but it was mostly because Andy was really really sick.

Last Friday was our appointment, and Andy came for moral support (poor guy worked 5am to 1:30pm and then came from Lancaster to Middletown just for my app.)  And so I gingerly asked the midwife's assistant if I could be measured. 

She was AMAZING about it.  Just amazing.  In the past I hadn't liked her because she wasn't the normal lady I like to see.  But she's an L and D nurse, and after some prodding from my husband, I decided to like her.  She told me what she was going to do, how it was going to feel.  She showed me a little diagram with her hands of the process she was going to use.  She explained that to find the entrance to the cervix, she was going to have to walk her fingers around in there, because the cervix is usually tilted. 

I thought we wouldn't find anything.  I thought for sure I was going to be closed up tight.  Except, I wasn't.  2 cms dilated!  And it was more uncomfortable than anything- no real pain involved.  It's funny what you find painful after you've felt REAL pain.  More on that later, perhaps. 

And then she pushed up and down on the baby and told me I was pelvic station -1.  In case you aren't familiar with pelvic station, here's a diagram:

(Don't tell anyone I stole this image.....)
My husband, once again on the business end of all this, mouthed to me, "Did that hurt??"  To which I'm like, "Yeah a little." 
Because it did.  A little. 
I'm convinced that "man pain" is different than "lady pain."  Because no matter how much pain the lady is in, there's still supper to be cooked.  There are still chores to be done.  One of the things my husband loves to do it to tell me just to sit still. 
"Just sit still, Babe!"  He'll command.  Next day?  "Boy this house looks like a dump."  You know why?  Because you told me not to do anything today.  So I deal.
And then.  He hurt his back.

So my husband, as handsome and strong as he normally is...is now flat on his back and has been for days.  Missed work, the whole nine yards.  So it's been a trip!  Poor guy though.

You can imagine my mixed emotions as I started having contractions yesterday for a solid hour, every 12 minutes.  At that point, he couldn't have even driven me to the hospital.  But then the contractions subsided.  And then I cried.  Because I really really wanted it to be the real thing.

So here we are.  39 weeks.  Husband with the hurt back.  2 cm dilated and -1 pelvic station.  I'm trusting that God's timing is right.  That I can trust the process.  That Andy will heal and be there to coach me from the first contraction to the last cry from me and the first cry from our son.  It's going to happen!  Just when?