Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two types of people in this world...

So now that Liam is four months old, he's ready for some new adventures.

I have had to put away all his 0-3 and some of his 3 month clothing.  The onsies fit fine, but the pants are just tooooo short.  Poor little guy looks like he's searching for high water.  I tearfully folded everything neatly and (just to make myself feel better about the situation) bought a new green tote in which to put them all.  It was sort of the end of an "era."  And I'm not sure why I was so upset while doing it.  After all, there will be more clothing, right?  But I had these flashbacks to lovingly washing his little clothing and arranging them all neatly in his drawers.  Of holding them to my belly and imagining dressing him in them every day...  Goodness.  Clearing the dreamy fog now.

So last night we tried cereal for the first time.  And by cereal, I mean one TBSP of cereal in two oz of formula.  Tonight we'll cut back the formula a little.  He was very excited about this.  He opened his mouth every time.  For some reason, I found this cereal thing TERRIFYING.  Feeding his little system something new, for whatever reason, completely wigged me out.  (Do people say that any more?)  But he loved the experience and Andy was getting a kick out of it, so we'll try it again tonight.

**For those avid blog readers of mine: notice the high chair he's sitting in?  Yeah.  Finally set it up.  And it literally takes up the space of a small loveseat in our house.  So glad we waited.**

In Liam's world, there are two types of people: mommy, and people who are NOT mommy.  The first type of people includes myself.  The second type of people includes strangers, family, tall people, short people, people with beards, people with hats, people with glasses, children, adults, the elderly, men, women, other babies and Daddy.

This is extremely adorable when he goes, "Mmmomomommaaaa" and you have to go cuddle him because you're the only one who can calm him.  This is extremely irritating when you need to go do something that requires two hands, and he won't go to anyone.  Now mind you- I've adapted to do most things with one hand.  And I'm not adverse to hearing him cry for a new moments so I can wash my pump or something- but sometimes I'm like, "Go to your father for two minutes, please!  Mommy needs to PEE!"

The other week we went to RI for the weekend to see my inlaws.  And things were going well.  I was not as clingy as I normal am, and they were just interesting enough that Liam didn't mind being with them and getting 100% of their attention.  Until bath time.

My MIL was giving him a bath and I was sitting in the kitchen, pretending not to hear his little cries and sniffles.  Meanwhile I was sitting on the edge of my seat, ready for bath time to be over so he'd relax again.  And then I heard it.  There's that siren wail that a baby does that means ABORT, ABORT, all systems are NOT GO!  I ran in and his little body was shaking!!!  I grabbed him all soapy and wet and held him to my chest.  He clung to me like I had just rescued him from the gates of hell.  I apologized to my MIL and she thankfully understood.  We finished mopping him off while I held him, and then he got his jammies on and fell asleep.

Sometimes it pays to be mommy.