Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day late, but still holding on to my dollar!

Baby, fetus at 18 weeks - BabyCenter
The baby had it's first trip to the beach in utero last weekend!  I thought maybe getting away would help me to relax and sleep and spend some QT with the Handsome Husband.  I packed a bunch of cute clothing, including a little black dress I was looking forward to wearing.  But alas, it was too cold, and I wore almost none of it.  And what I did wear was covered up by jackets and sweatshirts.  BUT we still had a great time, and came home refreshed and rejuvenated...and not wanting to go to work.  Every time we're in Stone Harbor, we try to think of all the reasons we should go home, and except for the "seeing family" part, we never come up with anything convincing.  There's places to work at the beach, right?  I'm sure I can find another job where I'm degraded and chastised.  And there's got to be a Kohl's somewhere Andy could transfer to!

We've started to talk to SB.  I'm excited to tell him or her their real name, so they recognize it upon arrival.  I usually start out with, "Hi baby, this is mommy!"  And then impart all my earthly wisdom on the unsuspecting fetus.  No, not really.  I tell the baby I love it, and that I'm excited to meet it.  Recently Andy has jumped on this baby train and is now starting to chat with SB as well.  I told him he needed to introduce himself before speaking (that's my new rule, evidently) and so of course he starts making Darth Vader noises and says, "Babyyyy...I am your faaaather..."

But in all seriousness I think I recognized a moment, the first time he said, "This is your daddy talking, baby!  I love you."  (Look at me tearing up as a type...)  It just got SO real when those words hit the air.  This is your daddy talking.  And I love you.  I feel like maybe SB just stopped and went, "*sigh* My daddy loves me."

Last night we were at the Mutterspaugh's, and little Kaden was left alone in the living room, and he got lonely and cried, so Andy went in and picked him up, like it was old hat.  It was so crazy to see him in that capacity!  I was proud of him.  He and Brian were sitting on the love seat (like the bromance they really have) and the kids were on their laps and it was like...hey, this is life.  I think I like it...

Oh, and we won't have to mention how Kaden attacked my breasts...Amanda said, "Oh no Kado!  They don't work yet!"  :)  LOL!

Yesterday was week 18, officially, and the baby is moving and kicking and just being jolly in there.  We're continuing to work on bone growth, which will supposedly make the baby grow INCHES in the next few weeks.  I wonder if it will be just as active then?