Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't mind me, it's just my uterus expanding.

So I'm pretty sure everyone in the whole entire world knows I'm pregnant.  I feel SO obvious!  Like some day my boss is going to walk into my desk area and say, "We've been noticing you've been wearing maternity jeans to work.  Is there anything you'd like to tell us?" 

I wish that we could keep it our secret, but it's going to pop out here sooner or later.  More sooner than later.  None of my real pants fit any more since I have a big case of The Bloat.  Ugh, what a pain.  Which is something, you know, how bloated I am?  Because I pee every, like, minute.

I can't eat.  That's the other thing.  I get a hungry spell right before lunch, and I TRY to eat, but it just sits in my mouth.  I haven't been in my kitchen for days.  Last night is the first night I didn't puke all week, so that's progress.  My mom suggested chopping up my vitamins REALLY small, and taking them with juice.  So I tried that, and so far it worked.  As in, it worked last night.  So maybe it will work again tonight.

The only thing that settles are popscicles and rice crackers (or Puffin Corn...) So I've been eating just that.  AND I've got this killer sinus infection.  (Thanks mom, dad, April AND Andy, and I'm pretty sure my coworker for handing that to me).  I haven't slept in two solid weeks.  I will wake up through the night and either have to pee, puke, recover from a nightmare or cough/take a drink/blow my nose.

My mom and sister came over last night to keep me company while Andy worked late.  I was REALLY thankful.  April rubbed my back, and I believe told SB not to go into theatre (she said even though SB doesn't have ears, it could feel it in it's heart).  Mom helped me remake my bed and folded laundry/put it away.  It was great.

I am just so stinking exhausted.  Not eating, not sleeping, making a placenta and a takes it out of ya. 

Andy took out the trash, did all the wash, cleaned and aired out the kitchen (can't STAND that room right now!)  I love him more than there are words to express.  He said I should remember all the nice things he's done while I'm screaming at him in 6 months.  I told him I'd try :)

But I'm SO thankful.  SOOO thankful.  Every time I lay down I ask God to carry my baby through this pregnancy and keep it healthy.  I've said it before, but it's worth repeating every post.  In a few weeks I'll be reporting that I'm up at night because it's kicking me in the bladder or ribs, and I will be just as thankful then as I am now.

Tomorrow we're going shopping for SB!  So excited!