Friday, February 15, 2013

None for me, thanks

Yesterday was Valentines Day!!!  My husband came home bearing the obligatory roses, which were lovely!!  I cut them and arranged them and put them on the table.  I love roses :)  I love my husband :)

I made him a book on Shutterfly and also Liam got him Skittles and Peanut M&M's.  It was sweet family time, and it was perfect for me.

There used to be a time where I liked going out.  When I liked to get all dolled up and put on makeup and shave my legs and vacuum the car...I remember that time.  Where you'd buy clothing that was frivolous for that "special occasion" and you didn't know when you'd wear it, but when you did?  It was going to be amazing. 

I got some new work out clothing for Christmas.  They're from REI, so they're really really nice.  Well, I haven't worn them yet.  And it's not because I haven't gone to the gym- it's quite the opposite, actually.  I've been wearing my grubby old sweat pants because I don't know when I'm going to get new work out clothing again.  Can't rush into something like wearing new clothing.  And I will keep the tags on those clothing so when I saw them in my closet floor of my room, and I THINK about wearing them, I really have to consider it before nicely cutting ripping off those tags.

So now we don't go out all that much.  And it's not just because money is tight.  And it's not just because we have the baby and it's a little more complicated.  It's just that I'm truly and utterly exhausted.  And the thought of even putting make up for church is, good thing Jesus looks at the heart, because the face ain't happening today.

Truth be told- I like this new way of life.  Do I envy people who post on Facebook about bar hopping and clubbing?  Nah.  I was never really one of those people to begin with.  (Completely unrelated- you know you're a mommy when all the pics tagged of you on FB are actually of your children.  I just needed an updated picture of myself, so I went to FB, and the last 5 pics of "me" were actually of Liam.)


Turns out when you're not feeling the best about your body, you're not as excited to show it off anymore.  Sweats seem nice-  Spanx are out of the question because ain't nobody got time for that.  A friend of mine recently had gastric bypass and she's all about buying clothing and showing off her new body.  I, on the other hand, am happy with leggings and Andy's t-shirt.  Just cover everything you can.  Just give me a black trashbag and we'll all go home happy.

I contemplated putting on something nice for my husband last night for AFTER dinner and a movie.  And I opened my lingerie drawer...and then promptly shut it again.  It'll be dark anyway, right?