Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And then...just like that...

I gave up and called the doctor yesterday.  I was too sore in the breastical area, and I was having discharge like crazy.  (That's right folks, I promised you bodily fluids and here they are!)  And then I started Googling- which is a huge no-no for me.  I'm a closet hypochondriac.  I got it from my grandmother.

So I called the doctor.  And the nurse said, "You should test one more time."

And I said, "But I've already tested twice and the last time was only on the 2nd."

And she said, "Test one more time."

So I finished out my day and ran home and told Andy who of course said, "TEST RIGHT NOW!"

No.  Not testing like a crazy person.  Those things cost money.

So we went shopping and when we came home he said, "TEST RIGHT NOW!" 

But I couldn't, because I was too busy being extremely sick.  (#2, for those who are keeping score.)

So this morning I tested.  And as an aside- I think the difficulty of getting into the actual pack of birth control tests is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how badly you have to pee.  And I was so nervous, of course I dropped the box.  And it went UNDER the vanity.  And then I couldn't find the scissors.  And then my hands were shaking so getting the actual packet open was ALSO difficult.  But eventually I was able to get my act together.

And then it was positive.

And then I screamed, "THIS IS IT!  OH ANDY THIS IS IT!"  And a very groggy, (albeit still Handsome) husband walked in the door and we just STARED at the test.  It's a plus sign all right.  And the longer it sat, the darker it got.  And then we hugged forever and I just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

That's my story.  I called in late to work and drove (only a small amount over the speed limit) to my mother's house where she must have heard the car door and ran down the stairs to where I was holding both the tests I had taken earlier.  (Two is twice as nice as one, right?)  And as you can imagine there was much crying and laughing and squealing.

My.  No.  OUR first appointment is March 9th.  I will be using Woodward and Associates and we'll be giving birth at Harrisburg Hospital.  God is good.  I know this is right, because we beat some major odds to get to this point in our lives, and on so many levels I should not be at this place that I am right now.

Someday Baby is the size of a sweet pea, but it's going to be twice as big next week.  We won't tell anyone until we hear the heartbeat and get some pics of the little SB, and then the real fun will start.  So if you're reading this, and we've actually met, please be discrete.  You only get one shot at your first pregnancy :)