Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moving forward...

So after the frustration yesterday, I went into my boss and got her to write down all my time off for the entire year.  I checked it all, and it's all correct.  Actually turns out that she was very nicely not charging me time for all the little 15 minutes here and there where I left early for a doctor's appointment.  Andy helped me figure out the rest.  And now I feel better.  It's an awful feeling when you think you're being cheated or treated unfairly.

So I'm moving forward.  And we're going to make it work.  And God is going to provide.

Today, I saw a foot protruding from my body.  This was followed by a huge contraction.  I informed the baby he could not kick his way out, but thanks for the effort! 

This weekend is our shower...I know I know, I've said it a million times.  But I'm excited!  Well, a little.  My inlaws are coming down last minute, mostly because they don't want to stay with my parents (which they have to, because where would they sleep otherwise?)  I'm not excited for the drama, just for the gifts and the baseball cupcakes :)  Mmmm...cake...  I just got word today that my sister won't be coming.  This is new news, but not big news.  She's the one supposedly planning it after all, so it's only natural for her not to be able to come.   Not being grumpy.  Just stating the facts.

In closing, this is one of our cats, getting acquainted with the baby clothing: