Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our baby is a fig!

Happy 11 weeks (yesterday) to SB!  It is as big as a fig.  This week is the EVERY important week that "it" becomes a HE or a SHE!  Oh my goodness, I almost revealed the names just then.  Can I mention how obsessed I am with our chosen names?  Sometimes at work I write them out- first in printing, then in cursive, then in bubble letters, then like a child would write them, then with my left hand, then with a pencil, then with a pen...  Don't tell anyone.  It's embarrassing.  Sometimes I wonder if the girl's name is too long, but then I consider that it's really no longer than MY full name.  And it's DEFINITELY not as long as the boys name.  Poor thing will need to put a period at the end of it, because it's like a sentence.  We'll have to teach him how to write small :)

My appetite is growing, but my dislike for all foods in general is NOT.  So I'm hungry...but not FOR anything.  Last night I ate two pieces of pizza, but no salad.  Second trimester I'm supposed to eat 200 extra calories a day.  Are you kidding me?  I'm lucky if I hit 1000 calories in a day.

Yesterday Andy and I watched a video on epidurals.


That's one big needle.

But I think it's a choice I'm going to go for.  Because the one thing they say is that it reduces your anxiety.  I can tolerate pain (yeah, she says that now) but I can't handle being so scared I can hardly catch my breath.  If I can breathe and talk my way through the pain, I can deal, but I don't like being terrified.  It lasts much longer in my subconcience.  In the end, we'll see.

At one point in the live birth video yesterday, the baby's head was out, and the rest of the body was still in.  They sucked out it's little nose and mouth and it started wailing.  Wow wow  In AND out.  Insane.  And then she gave one more good push, and out it came!  Andy said I was squeezing his shoulder while we were watching and that I should probably stop.

One thing I'm excited about is I think Andy's going to be a great cheerleader for me in the room.  He promised to hold me while I'm getting the big needle.  I realize he's bracing himself for this just as much as I am.  While I'm thinking, "Can I do this?"  He's thinking, "Can I do this?"  I think the answer is, "Yes we can.  Together."  I'm sure we're not the first terrified parents, and I'm positive we won't be the last.

What a journey.