Thursday, September 19, 2013

I don't want your advice

My mom took Liam out this morning after she picked him up.  They went to the market for milk and other things, so when she got home- she could just be home without having to go out again.  He was dressed in his jammies and socks and his little fleece jacket, and he was generally very happy.

Evidently a lady had the AUDACITY to say to my mother, "I'm wondering why you have a baby of his age out at this time of morning." 

Mom was of course taken aback.  When she told me about the interaction, I too was left speechless.  What right does that woman have to question my mom, of all people?

Why do people think they have the right to give their opinion to everyone?

A friend of mine was shopping for cold medicine (she's being induced next week).  A woman literally came up to her in the medicine aisle, slapped her on the rear end, and said, "Take care of yourself.  You're pregnant." 

Really?  This isn't just gas?

Come on people, really.

It's no secret that Liam doesn't sleep.  He barely naps.  He's very sporadic.  I'm exhausted.

EVERYONE, and I mean, EVERYONE has advice on what we're probably doing wrong.  Hear that?  What we're doing WRONG.

"Well, you're probably training him to wake up."

"Well, you're probably not dressing him warm enough."

"Well, you're probably putting him down wrong in the first place."

Really?  Really people?  People who do not even have kids HAVE to give their opinion.  "Well, my SISTER did this with HER kids..."

Now let me just stop for a second.  There is a correct way to give advice, and I will tell you a story to describe it.

I have two cousins who are older than me, but not SO much older that they're "irrelevant"- do you understand what I'm saying there?  Their children are K-garden and older.  I mentioned on FB that Liam had a diaper rash.  Within minutes, Cousin #1 posted a cure, within hours Cousin #2 was at my door with said cure. 

See how that worked?  There was action behind the advice.

See the "been there done that" attitude?

OH, then there was this one:

Did you see an inquiry for advice there in the post?

No, no you didn't.

See how I shot her down?

Yes, yes you did.

And I IMPLORE you- please shoot me down as well if I start giving you advice.  Unsolicited, of course.  We all know I'm a WEALTH of info ;)  But seriously- sometimes a sister needs to keep her mouth shut.

With that?  Rant is over.