Friday, April 18, 2014

Seperation Anxiety

It's Easter this weekend!  LOVE LOVE LOVE Easter.  Oh my GOODNESS, I love Easter.  Because it's impossible to be unhappy when you're watching all the little girls running around in their lovely little dresses.  It's impossible to be burdened when you're giggling at all the little boys in ties and untucked shirts (they WERE tucked in earlier, I'm sure).  And it's impossible to feel anything but joy when you're singing hymns at the top of your lungs in a Sunday morning service, surrounded by your family and friends.

Then you eat.

Oh MAN.  Food.  I have been good about the NOT weighing myself/Lent thing.  I was sort of forced into it at two doctor's apps, but I did NOT step on the scale at the gym with the intention of weighing and breaking my promise to myself.  I'm proud of that.  I'm learning to be content with who I am and what I look like.

This is boring.  Let's talk about something else.

We took Liam to his first Easter egg hunt last week.  He and his PawPaw (my dad) had been practicing ALL week.  Pick them up, put them in the basket.  Over and over.  Hide them again.  Find them again.  For the solid week, my dad became the enabler for this egg-hunting addiction my son has established.  It was going to be GREAT.

The siren sounded, and 100 little 2 and unders toddled out to the field of brightly colored eggs and tiny golden candies.  With his daddy's help, he picked the eggs up one by one and gently placed them in his basket.  On to the next.  And the next.  At one point, he and another little boy attacked the same egg.  MY little boy stood back and let him have it.  What a sweet boy.  :)

Nine eggs, and a chocolate crusted smile, later, we were in line for the bouncy slide and then the moment we were all waiting for: the barrel tractor ride.  Liam had been pointing at the ride all day, making the tractor noise and running towards it while we weren't looking.  It was FINALLY our turn.  PawPaw strapped him in the barrel, showed him the horn and the wheel, and off they drove.

We heard the squeak of the horns as the other little ones honked away, waving at their parents from afar.  The little tractor drove across the playground and Andy and I stood, arms wrapped around each other- there he goes!  Music lightly played in the background.  The camera panned out...  I imagined this moment to be just like sending him off to college...  JK.  It was a barrel ride at an egg hunt.  But we were still teary.

The elderly gentleman, who had probably waited all month just to haul out his prized ride and take the kids for a spin, pulled past where we were standing and I heard Liam before I saw him.  "MOMMYMOMMYMOMMYMOMMY!"  SCREAMING my name.  Tears running down his face.  I was immedietly like a marathon runner, leaping over trash cans and pushing small children and strollers out of my way to get to my son. 

It was horrible. He clung to me like a baby kangaroo. "It's okay!!! Mommy's here!!!!" Andy joined us and wrapped his arms around both of us. We stood in embrace, all three of us sobbing like we just lost the family dog. Until Liam popped his head up and asked, "Again?" Pointing to the train. 

No. No more. Mommy and daddy can't handle it. 

Happy Easter, everyone :) He is risen indeed :)