Tuesday, August 14, 2012

32 weeks = 8 Months

Sore throat and swollen glands.  That's how I welcome my son to his 8th month.  My huge weekend and lack of uninterrupted sleep has left me feeling down in the mouth...so to speak.  However, I just cannot believe we are almost through this.

Friday was my doctor's appointment, to which I brought a long list of questions to ask Sandy.  They ranged from perineum questions (warm rag is best) to circumcision (they no longer use sugar water...) to pitocin (why DO they use it after giving birth?  To contract your uterus, that's why.)  I've gain 14 total lbs.  Bringing me back up to a whopping 220.  It's hard to see that on the scale.  But the baby is at least almost 4 lbs of that.  He's about his full length now, and will just grow chubby from now on.

Saturday was Cherith's wedding, which was amazing for me to take part in.  Everything was lovely and she looked very happy.  Here we are!

I'm on the left, of course, and Cherith is in the middle and Stevi is on the right.  Well, Melisa.

However, the TRUE love being captured on that day was this picture:

Of course I had to wear my highest heels on the stage while I was playing- you know, because people care- and I couldn't get them on or off, so Andy interceded on my behalf.  Tiny buckles...big fingers...it was amazing.  And romantic.

Sunday was our shower, which of course was amazing :)  My mom and Cathy really worked hard and I think my sister was there at some point too (she didn't think she could come).  But then she left without saying goodbye to be with her boyfriend, and I never saw her again.  I will hopefully have more pictures to come of the shower, when I get a moment.  Here is me, Kristi, and Lauren:

Tell me Lauren and I don't look utterly exhausted.

I was sweating and my hair was a hot mess, and it looks yellow under those lights.  But I was so happy :)  To the left of the picture you can see the most creative gift by far- the little man made out of baby items.  (More pics of this later) and to the right, you can see the travel system that the Erb's small group (which consists of the parents of the kids in the youth group) all went together to get us.  What a beautiful gift and showing of generosity.  Other gifts ranged from money to diaper genies to clothing to shampoo.  This weekend, Lauren and I are going to go thrift shopping for the rest of what I need.  I'm thankful for everything.  With the money we got, we can pay off the dresser and put the breast pump on layaway.  The best gift of our shower was having Pastor Bob and Joan and Krista there. I introduced Bob as our Pastor. He is our Pastor. I couldn't WAIT to see them :)

So here we are.  32 weeks.  Our tiny son has everything he needs to come into this world- including a ton of love from family and friends.  I get excited when he kicks, even when it's in my ribs.  I hold his little baby clothing up to my belly and imagine him in it.  I imagine nibbling on his little toes and cleaning his little toosh.  What a wild ride this has been.  How deep the Father's love for me :)