Monday, March 5, 2012

Those were the days...

Remember the days when I used to sleep on my stomach?  Remember that time?  I think it was, oh, no more than a week ago.  And then yesterday I'm looking out a window at church, and I'm leaning pretty hard on my stomach and I realize: It's not going in anymore.

Alyssa was trying to sit on my lap during the play yesterday and I couldn't get comfortable because my belly just would not budge.

And then last night I woke up with this intense pressure on my bladder and back and abdomen, and I realized I was on my stomach and it HURT.  I realize this is going to be quite the change for a girl like me, because I am a stomach sleeper for LIFE.  Andy bought me a body pillow and that seemed to help, but my arm always falls asleep.  So it's a work in progress.

But feeling that belly...Andy felt it too.  He's like, "What's in there!?"  And I'm like, "Um...I'm sorry.  Have we met?"

Today I got up for work and threw on a pair of maternity yoga pants and a t-shirt, which is considerably tighter than it was when I wore it last week.  I tried putting on a cardigan...yeah, not shutting over my belly.  SO, it's the t-shirt, cardigan, and my big puffy winter vest that I wear to shovel snow.  And ballet flats.  Hopefully this will mask the fact that I look like Nanook of the North. 

"Is she looking sloppy today?" 
"Oh no, she's wearing ballet flats, she's fine."

In closing, we're gearing up for the big reveal this weekend in RI.  The car is ordered, the appropriate clothing is in the wash.  Cathy keeps asking Andy what we'd like to eat while we're up.  She mentioned corn beef and cabbage.  Andy was going to suggest saltines and ginger ale.  He's a good man.