Wednesday, May 11, 2016

West, By God, Virginia.

So we went away this past weekend for my husband's birthday.  We went to Pleasant Valley, West Virginia.  We had a BLAST.  The little cottage we stayed at on the Monongahela River sloped towards the water, had about 4 million stairs to get down to it, and a huge deck surrounding it.  At the bottom of the 4 million stairs was a little dock, and after about 5 minutes, Liam decided he needed a fishing rod.


You do not even KNOW.

So while the boys tried their best to land "the big one," I was busy washing dishes and cooking food and picking up socks and pretty much all the things I do at home...  We ate cake on the deck, and enjoyed hearing the train as it passed through the valley.  One night, it rained.  It was this heavy, loud, relaxing rain.  The kind that made you wonder if God WAS really up there bowling.  I thought Liam would wake up, but of course he didn't.  For all the times in this life he has awoken us, a storm has never been one.  The boy sleeps like the dead when he's truly asleep.

We made some big changes in WV.  Things I will share with you later.  Things I have a million blog entries STARTED and none finished.  I just know that being there in West Virginia gave me such a peace I cannot describe it.  Like God was really really there, looking down on us.  Walking among us.  Showing up in places like my son's laugh at catching dumb trash in his fishing rod.  We went to this fort-type thing, and he was picking up rocks.  The actor portraying the blacksmith gave Liam a portion of a brick from the original homestead on the grounds.  Pre Revolutionary War!


On Sunday morning Andy looked at me and I at him.

"That's it then.  No more."
"Nope.  No more."
"Goalie is officially..." makes motion with hand, "Pullllllled."

Two.  Huge.  Sighs.