Monday, September 9, 2013

Exciting times!

Meet Baby Brynn!  She's a little peach!  Clocking in at 7 lbs, 4 oz., she's healthy and beautiful, and judging by the picture, slightly confused.  Where am I and who are these people?  Don't worry, Brynn.  We're all confused.

Brynn is the brand new daughter of one of my FAITHFUL readers and friends.  The lady can quote my blog better than I can- and I lived it!  I'll start telling her something that happened to me, and she'll finish my story.  It makes me feel good!  I'm glad I'm so interesting!  Moreover, I'm glad someone can get something out of all these ramblings.

So for those who are keeping score, out of my five pregnant friends, three have had viable pregnancies and this is the first birth.  Two more to go!  What an exciting time.  They're all huge and uncomfy, and I just smile, because it's a right of passage.  They're all going to make great mothers.


Meanwhile, we're planning a first birthday party.

Why is this so important?

He doesn't care.  Liam's oblivious.

But this is some huge deal for us as parents!  What is it about this day that makes it so essential to throw this huge bash?  We've chosen a theme, we've bought the cake (a small cake...) from the most exclusive bakery in Dauphin County.  (Why?  We have no money.  Why was that important?)  And tonight I am penning tiny invitations to send to his tiny friends.  Friends?  More like Mommy and Daddy's friends, who happen to have kids at or around his age.

This is probably more of a celebration of us as parents- look!  We put our mind to it and we made a baby and had a baby and kept that baby, for a WHOLE YEAR!  Look what we did!  Pay no attention to the drool coming from our mouths from months and months of multiple mid-night awakenings.  Please do not pull back the curtain and reveal the fights and arguments we've had on multiple occasions.  Look not in the closet and betray the stack of unpaid bills as we've tried to make ends meet week after week, month after month.  Just eat our cake and look at our adorable son!

But as I make the guest list and hand out food responsibilities and put together the little details that make a party great, I look at my little Liam and think- nah, it really is all about you.  Your birthday stands as an example of all the lives you've touched, just by being the wonderful you that you are.  People are genuinely excited to see you grow.  People love YOU.  And this first birthday party is a celebration of your accomplishments and a celebration of one year of sharing in a miracle.


A lady came up to me at church- I sadly did not know this lady, but BOY did she sure know me.  She said to me, "You were JUST pregnant, and now he's WALKING."  And she was totally right.  IF you want to know how fast life moves, have a child.  Brynn will teach her mommy and daddy this, starting with her first breath at 2:04 yesterday afternoon.