Friday, May 24, 2013

You can tune a piano...

But you can't tuna fish!  HAHAHAH!  That was hilarious, in my mind.

So I'm in love with this picture.  Liam's grandpa, my dad, plays the tuba.  When I saw one, just randomly sitting in the orchestra room at Etown Area High School, I knew we had to snap a pic.
So last night was a concert my student invited me to play in at EAHS. Teachers and family and friends were invited a few months back to play for this one selection- Mars from "The Planets" by Holtz, if you're keeping track.
My student's mom was supposed to watch Liam for me while we were practicing and playing in the concert. Well, she was late so Liam was just sitting on the floor at my feet while we rehearsed.  I brought a little bag of toys for him and his sippy cup of water. He was happy and all the high schoolers were like- AWWW!! Because he had his little hat on, of course, so he was adorable.
Well Karen came and took him, which was fine, and she took him outside and he started SCREAMING. I didn't know this, so I'm practicing and then we're done, and then I go to find him and the poor kid is just hysterical. So 10 minutes later I finally get him calmed down, and he's sniffing and looking all sad, and I'm like, I can't put this woman or my son through this. And Karen and Mike are the best people, seriously. But Liam's just going through this phase!
So I went to the director and said- um...can my son sit on stage with us? And he's like, "Sure. As long as it's fine with you." And I'm like "No, I'm a guest on your stage" and he's like, "Sure, he can sit on the stage." So I brought him up and sat him at my feet with his water and toys, and he sat there THE WHOLE TIME and I'm told he was just bobbing his little head to the music. Right through the piece. When we were done, I picked Liam up, and his water and his toy bag, and we walked off the stage! LOL!
He sat through the rest of the concert in the audience in my lap, happy as a little clam. Munching on Kix and waving his arms around. And afterwards he was the talk of the town, oh my goodness, it was crazy. People told me they were taking video and pictures and were just staring at him the whole time! It was HILARIOUS! What a special little guy I have :)  I need to get him a onsie that says, "All I want to do is direct." 

One women, who I knew from other things, whom a cannot stand, whose son I graduated with, when plays the cello, came up to me afterwards with eyes peering over her glasses.  "Couldn't find a SITTER?"  She said.  I wanted to say, "Couldn't find a PERSONALITY?!"  But instead I said- well, I had a sitter, and Liam didn't like them.  So.  I'm a mommy first."  "My children never would have sat still for that."  Well.  Maybe you're a bad mother.  OH I SHOULD HAVE SAID IT!  Life is too short not to whip out comebacks.


So this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and I may be the happiest girl in the world.  My husband and I BOTH have off for possibly the first time EVER.  And it's Liam's first.  So we're doing parades and just having an all around great time.  More pics to follow, I'm sure.