Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wake me up before you go go...

I often get asked, "Is Liam a good baby?"  And by rights I should really answer with something snarky like, "Well, no tattoos or piercings yet, but we ARE investigating some gang involvement with his other infant friends..."

But instead I'm usually like, "Oh yes, he's a great baby."  And just to prove it I would add, "And he sleeps through the night!"  Which when you're baby is 4 months old, sometimes that's all ya got.  And they would make a bumper sticker with this statement on it, like an honor roll sticker. 

And then he just stopped.  Stopped sleeping through the night.  He's tired, he goes to sleep fine, but he keeps waking up.  I have proof here that he CAN do it:


But it was just that one last thing where it was like, "Well, we don't have much but.  At least our son sleeps through the night." 

He's currently not going to anyone while I'm around.  I had him in the front pack last night to clean the kitchen (because he didn't want to be put down) and every time his daddy got near him, he'd howl.  Andy tried to take him upstairs during my lessons and that didn't go so well.  The only thing more distracting then a baby during violin lessons is a baby screaming upstairs during violin lessons.  So down he came.

I breast fed him and put him to sleep around 10.  He fell asleep in my arms.  And as soon as I put him down, he screamed.  So I went through all the motions: I put his paci back in and left him be.  Screamed.  Gave him my hand to hold.  Quiet... then screamed.  Rocked him, replaced the paci.  Screamed.  Picked him up.  Screamed.  Rocked him.  Screamed.  Left him scream.  Andy threw a pillow across the room and got out of bed.  That's when Liam and I evacuated to the living room.  Where you guessed it, he screamed.  He'd fall asleep for an hour TOPS, and then wake up and scream again.

I told him he was in trouble.  He smiled at me.  I told him mommy was sad with him.  He laughed and cooed.  I told him that he wasn't a kind little boy to be keeping mommy awake.  He grabbed my face and gave me a slobbery kiss.  "If you wanted a slumber party, why didn't you just tell mommy?"  He fell asleep in my arms on the recliner.  When my mom came to retrieve him this morning I just handed him off.  "Rough night?"  She asked.  I just said, "Please take him."

This morning I started to read about this "19 Week Sleep Regression" which made me feel a little better that it had a name, instead of just, "You're Doing Something Wrong With Your Baby."  Tonight we may try putting him in his crib.  If he's not going to sleep, why not NOT SLEEP in his crib?

I'm too tired to write more now.  Wish me the best.