Friday, August 3, 2012

And now for something COMPLETELY different.

Sometimes when you're pregnant, things happen to your body and you google it immediately to make sure it's normal.  Especially with your first.  Because NOTHING is normal about pregnancy when you've never had anything to compare it to.

But last night when my Handsome Husband and I were enjoying each others company, he may have noticed that my breasts can I be discreet?  Well, they were wet.  And he points this out to me!  "Hey, your boobs are wet!"  And IMMEDIATELY I start to cry.  And he starts to panic, because I'm crying.  "What's wrong, what's wrong?"  I'm like..."It's too soon!!!  I'm not ready to have the baby!" 

Do you know what it's like to get BACK to enjoying each others company after that?  Not hard for the male, obviously.  (And because it's my blog, I can talk about things like this.  It's the open and honest blog.  We don't sugar coat here.)  It's harder for the woman, though.  AT least it was for me.  The birthing class lady told us it would happen, but I thought she meant it would happen to OTHER people.  Like, the girl next to us with breasts already spilling out of her shirt.  I mean, I haven't even changed bra sizes.

So that's the story.

Yesterday the baby did this maneuver and turned around and elbowed his way to a more comfortable position, which happened to be right on my bladder.  Glad you're comfy, baby!  However, oddly enough, a girl at birthing class last night said the same thing happened to her.  Perhaps it's the IS full, you know.