Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh yes, and the next day it rained.

My grandpa used to say that phrase all the time.  Because at his wise old age, before he passed away, he knew that the next day would always come and the world would continue turning, no matter what happened the day before.  He should have copywritten it.

I'm yawning at my desk here.  Like normal.  No coworker.  Blah blah blah.  Old news!

Last night they had to take my dad to the hospital via ambulance.  He crawled into the house and was calling for my mom, and then he started spitting up blood.  So they called 911 and took him to Hershey Med.  They started him on an IV, and some medication because he said he was so dizzy.  He didn't know where he was.  I got there around 8, he had gotten there at around 7.  They did blood work, EKG and CT scan, which all came out normal, thankfully.  April, Taran, Andy's brother, Andy and I were all in the waiting room.  So we sat with him (only two allowed in the room at once) and took turns.  I asked for ice chips and fed those to him, and he finally fell asleep.  He did have to pee twice, so we knew his kidneys were functioning, etc.  It was just scary.  He had a nose bleed, so I think that's where they said the blood was coming from.

Andy, Danny and I left around midnight, and April and Taran stayed there until Dad was released around 3AM.    Andy had to awaken me last night because I was so restless I was hitting him in the face.  4:30 came around last this morning, and I remember dreaming but not so much sleeping.  Between the storm and getting up to use the bathroom, I was just a total wreck.  So I'm not sure I'm going to make the day today.

My inlaws are coming today still, and my BIL has not left.  He wants to eat supper as a family and THEN drive back tonight.  Whatever.  I'm seriously so tired and numb that I don't care.  The Mutterspaughs were supposed to come for supper tonight with the little ones, which of course I was looking forward to, and I had to cancel on them.  The house is just in shambles.  Andy started projects this week and just didn't finish them.  The dining room table has my scrap booking project (due next Sunday) all over it.  The dishwasher broke on Monday, so we have clean and dirty dishes everywhere (who can tell the difference?)  Because magically the dishes just get washed when you put them in the sink...right?

Sigh.  So that's my tale.  Thinking maybe I'll split here at noon.  Last night as I was sitting in the ER with my mom, it occured to me that I'm the mom now.  The doctor was all concerned about how I was doing, you know, in my "state".  I was really fine.  Andy, the ever amazing husband, who so graciously forgave me for my shortcomings on Wednesday night, was the most amazing support system ever.  God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve.

I'm going to go get a replacement pianist for my dad for Sunday, because our interim pastor just has no idea on how anything anywhere is done.

Oh, and here's a pic.  Because I can hold my cereal bowl on my belly.