Monday, May 21, 2012

My Happy Hiking Husband

Andy was gone for a whole three days, out on the beaten path.  The dusty trail.  He left Friday morning and came back last night and limped into the house and up the stairs and he did his "duty" in the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and jumped into the shower....and we had no more hot water.  So he shivered his way into the shower, and then shivered his way out again.  Poor thing :(  But look how cute he is when he hikes!

That's mine, all the way on the right.  :)  He's devilishly handsome.  Also, I love a guy in a bandanna, apparently.

But while he was gone I made hay!  (That's a southern-ism).  I played a wedding and I worked on his Father's Day gift.  Which I will not mention here, in case SOMEHOW he finds his way onto this site.  Just like I'm not going to post the name here, because someone will see it.  And I did a bunch of church stuff...and now I need to circle the wagons and get going on my housework.

On Friday of this week, we will be able to call our baby by name (in private.  NOT TELLING!!!).  I wish people would stop telling me that we're "ruining" it by finding the gender.  I'm sorry?  We're ruining what?  The child?  The surprise?  The miracle of our child?  Because it's more important for me to be prepared than to be surprised.  And it's more important to me to spend my hard earned money on things that are the colors I want than the colors that "work."

My dad is taking a half day, and my mom and sister both have off, and Andy has off, and I'm working a few hours in the morning.  And time.  It's going to be just beautiful.  What a moment never to forget.  In fact, I want to take a picture of us all together- waiting for the moment.  I want to all be surprised at once.  I want to share tears of joy with everyone.  I want to feel more love than I've ever known.  All with the little image and the little heartbeat, of a very special baby.  :)