Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter Breakdown

Oh, listen to how stupid this is.  But even in my head today, I'm still really angry!  I can't let it go!  Geez, Louise.

On Sat. we went hiking, which was GREAT, but left me so tired, I could barely MOVE.  Not even lying.  So Sat. night we were supposed to go practice AND paint eggs with my family.  I had boiled my eggs, and Andy bought me this special "14K Gold" egg dye.  He was really proud of it, you know, that he thought of me and all.  But Saturday night came, and after we were done with rehearsing (did I mention we learned all the songs for Easter THE NIGHT BEFORE?!) it was almost 10, and I had nothing left.  I knew I had to iron Andy's shirt and get things ready at our house, and I said, "Listen, family.  I'm really really really tired.  I will not enjoy painting eggs today, and I can tell daddy is tired as well.  We all have to get up in time for church at 7am, so can we wait until tomorrow to paint eggs?"  And my sister threw a fit and "collapsed" into Tarans arms, and he was like, "shhh, you're going to be fine.  Don't worry about her..."  She's like, "I HAVE TO WORK ON EASTER!  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!" blah blah blah.

So I left upset.

Sunday morning, I got 5.5 hours of sleep, and I was a cranky miserable mess all morning.  My mom was like, "Oh, I was so disappointed with all that happened last night."  Um, get over it.  I had two services and I had to teach a class.  We came home and collapsed.  I didn't take anything off- hair, jewelry, makeup, I just collapsed.  I woke up an hour later and started to cook.  I left Andy sleep.  Started to make the Kielbasa, and he came down (not upset, just disappointed) "You got the wrong thing."  Ugh.  So he was like, pouting.  Fine, whatever.  In the meantime, I managed to melt my cutting board with the lid of my dutch oven.  We started arguing, I started feeling it come on.  SO we distanced ourselves from each other, and we were fine til we got to mom and dads.

And then we got in the door.

April's friend Andrew was over (he's a house pest.  He was over on Christmas morning too.) and he and my mom were painting eggs with MY EGGS AND DYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I lost it.  All over the place.  April came home, SHE lost it.  Not as much as me.  But Andrew just comes over whenever he feels like it (even when they're not at home.  He'll just come in and sit.  And mom refuses to tell him this is wrong.)  Oh, and then she went to get Taran.  Which set Andy off.  And then we went to get my nanny, and she refused to come over.  And so Andy just took me for a drive and we drove around.  Mom was like, "What's wrong?" And I wouldn't look at her, and I didn't want to make a scene, and I was like, "Andy bought that egg dye especially for me.  And we don't do anything as a family anymore and I'm angry and hormonal, and I just want to be left ALONE!"  And THEN she wouldn't speak to me.  She said that Andrew had been there for five hours, and she was running out of things to do with him.  Um, so you used my stuff?  That I asked really if we could please wait?

And THAT was the breakdown.  We left at 9, and I was in bed by 10.  Still shaking.  I apologized to my husband, who was my rock.  What a huge mess.