Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wishing and Hoping, Praying and Planning

One word to describe RI this weekend?


When you come home to PA and it's 36 degrees and you contemplate taking off your jacket because you're "a little hot"...you know that you've just spent three days in a place where the average temp was 13 degrees all weekend.

The ride up was wonderful and uneventful.  We rented a Chevy Traverse, which I immediately came to love.  We all squished in, (luggage and gifts) my sister sitting like a good sport in what we came to refer to as "Aisle Three."  She watched DVD's on her laptop, Dad slept, Mom was enamored with all the sights to be seen in the dark as we drove...and drove...and drove.

After 6 hours, we arrived and went to stash our stuff in Andy's childhood room.  (Once a deep blue, now a striking orange.)  The first thing I noticed, since I clearly had one thing on my mind; the beds were two different heights!!!!  I believe I said something like, "HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO MAKE A BABY LIKE THIS?"  To which I think Andy replied something about being "creative."  And we're not talking a little height difference.  We're talking cot on the floor vs. twin mattress and box springs.  We're talking the possibility of needing a grappling hook to get from one level to the next.

Meanwhile, my dad took us to a nice place for supper and my mom kept on inquiring if Andy was ordering the oysters.  (For those not familiar with the world of fertility boosting foods, oysters are high on the list for menfolk).  Sometimes the people in "The Circle of Trust" are not to be trusted ;)

We ended up at some point during the weekend watch home movies of Andy when he was a little tyke.  Cute does not even begin to describe him as a little boy.  Somehow it made this whole journey worthwhile, and perhaps the chance that this Someday Baby might be a boy a little less daunting.  Because I've read all of three books on parenting (and here and there a magazine article) I felt justified in blurting out, "Oh my goodness he's sleeping on his stomach as an infant!  Someone flip him!"  (As if I could turn back the hands of time 27 years and flip my infant husband safely to his back where he would be less likely to die from SIDS.  Which he apparently didn't, seeing as he was sitting to my right at the time of viewing.)  Hopefully my mother in law did not hear.

So we returned home and I begrudgingly drove the beloved SUV back to the airport to return it.  And all the while I was wishing there was a little sleeping infant in the backseat.  I was secretly hoping our combination was correct in the first month of trying.  Silently praying that our Someday Baby would be healthy and beautiful just like its daddy was in the movies.  And prematurely planning that someday I would be driving around an SUV just like that.